Bitcoin Faucets are Tainted...

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Those of you who use various faucets like moon bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin/dashcoin as well as others such as free bit, bit fun, bonus bitcoin as well are others.

Scan your computers! I would recommend doing each drive you have connected, and then do an offline scan. Trojans are being picked up by these sites, multiple times a day. They seem to be placing themselves into google cache files on your main drive, but I have found them other places as well.

I have kept my daily 100% bonus going for about a year but today is the day it ends. I was trying to pin point which faucet they are coming from, but with all the ads, pop ups and what not, it is not limited to a specific faucet. Claims have been pretty limited for the last 6 months or so regardless.

Hopefully this helps some of you.


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