Why it's important to understand the technology of the cryptocurrency you use

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

I recently wrote about Ripple after reading their white paper and discovered how it centralizes power into central banks. I'm also very suspicious of Stellar which is also now in the top 10 coins according to marketcap. This is exactly what Andreas Antonopoulos talks about in this video...

Some coins are more centralized than others. We should be extremely suspicious of "business as usual" coins that seek to co-opt the bitcoin or blockchain label in order to subject you to KYC and AML. There's no good reason to do this anymore, but authority will try to convince you otherwise. I have already proved why centralized fiat is no longer necessary and may in fact lead to planetary wide extinction.

I've heard one person on FB in the Dollar Vigilante's group already say "as long as it goes up, I don't care what I invest in". Such people are the main reason why most of the human race is in slavery. Agnoia (ignorance) is a planet wide phenomena that we all have to come to grips with. If you use the wrong currency, you will empower people who wish to do you harm. I will never invest in Ripple for moral and ethical reasons.

Andreas seems to be more confident about bitcoin's success than I am at the moment. Lightning Network needs to come online soon or we run a strong probability of having at least a generation's worth of digital fascist panoptica being shoved down our throats by so called superiors who pretend to know better. I do agree with Andreas that this technology will eventually take over and that a digital panopticon is eventually doomed to fail, but it will inflict enormous harm if people are too stupid to recognize the difference.

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I'm exactly of your opinion. I never invest in those currencies. I avoided Ripple since it came out.

Just a couple of hours ago I listened to a podcast featuring Brad Garlinghous, CEO of ripple (link)

I see ripple as a sort of halfway house, between the old and new worlds. Banks world like it to succeed because it's better to them than the alternatives.

I did find his answers to the questions of centralisation to be piss poor MN can't really argue about the fact that the founding entity holds such a large supply of coins. No escrow attachment will change that. This is why I won't go anywhere near that coin.

Totally agree. I joined the crypto market because of the technology and the chance to create a better system. RIPPLE is part of the old system. I am going to write my story about my fight against the system on steemit. If you like to read it, just follow me.

I like stellar, the foundation behind it is a non profit who is trying to be a force of good in the world... so I belive :)


Did Jed McCaleb leave Ripple due to a disagreement? Ripple architecture is centralized and sends KYC data. It's not zero knowledge. Don't know if Stellar attempts to avoid centralization or not, but I worry because the CEO was previously with Ripple.

Ripple is central banking 2.0 for sure. Great read again!

may be i reasteam your post sir

I think Ripple could be the first crypto to stick though. Even though it is centralized, i think it will work the best in the near future. And then this will lead to further adoption of other coins. It’s all about taking time


BTC hit the shelf in ‘09, Ripple in 2012. Did you mean to say “the first to stick?” 🤔


Like very mainstream. Accepted globally


If you're right, then we're in for a world of hurt. Did you see this video?


Technology is increase day by day. it is one of good technology ever.

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