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In politics you have words, but in economics you have actions. Imagine that you’re a space alien and don’t understand the language of humans on earth. How would you interpret what’s going on here? Since the words make no sense you would look at the actions would you not?

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Ask yourself this, do happy people commit violent acts? What happens when you eliminate the source of most of the unhappiness in the world? But you’ve been told that you need it for your safety, right? Are you confused about what that thing is?

You are better off not understanding political debates because they will cause you to be blind to some critical truths. The most powerful truth is that there’s an exit available in the form of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that has the power to force authority to its knees. I know this with more certainty than would seem to be prudent, but can’t help it because I’ve studied the code.

I know authority cannot do what it must do to stay in control, which is go full Snake Plissken on the electromagnetic grid, because they are addicted to the internet, the Swift network and everything else that supports their wealth. They paradoxically would have to commit suicide to stay in control.

Authority will do everything in its power to prevent you from taking this exit. They will label you a criminal, threaten you with violence and incarcerate you. But it is the path to a better world because terrorism is a byproduct of authority.

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the nature of this exit in “Currency Wars and Bitcoin’s Neutrality”…

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