Andreas Antonopoulos on differences between proof of work and proof of stake

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

I'm almost ready to leave the current banking system behind. After trying to call my merchant services provider all day at 1-800-939-9942, they provide nothing but a busy signal. Entries marked as deposits are in the withdrawl column. Tried to Google Redwood Merchant Services to see if there's a change in contact info and all I see is a fraud report and a website that's looked the same since 2001 saying they'll update soon. I will be forced into dispute resolution if they remain impossible to contact.

Interestingly, just as I'm dealing with a consensus issue, Andreas Antonopoulos shows us the right way to do dispute resolutions...

Bitcoin and other cryptos have such a great advantage when it comes to internet transactions in terms of speed and security. I may be moving to a crypto system only in the future.

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Always a pleasure to listen to him. Wonderful guy!

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Met him in Chicago. Very down to earth and of course knowledgeable.