Bitcoin Soars Back Above $10k On Heavy Volume

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Bitcoin is taking off. Over the last hour, bitcoin increased in price over $500, surpassing $10,000.

For the month of January, bitcoin is now green.

Is this just playing catchup with the NASDAQ?

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It's indeed coming back. I feel in the next few hours it will be higher as people are starting to make panic buys. This is a reason to start smiling for those that have been having a bad time the past few days. And I urge those that are still thinking about investing to not think twice. Bitcoin is not going into another dip.. Don't even think about waiting to buy.
The only worry i had had is the 13,000 customers that had earlier been shortlisted by coinbase to handover their data to IRS. But it seems the effect of this news hasn't been serious.

I think we will see some good upward trends after mid mach when the next set of futures contracts expire.

prior to some news heard about the Putin bitcoin endorsement in Russia
It could be one of the reasons, it's good news pulling back up at slightly over 10k. Personally it has not reached the point was expecting in the late Feb, you know cryptocurrency stuff..
Good we are seeing a mostly green market late this February.

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Bitcoin is taking off. Over the last hour, bitcoin increased in price over $500, surpassing $10,000.

All I can say is “keep going up to the moon.”
Thanks for this Monday morning positive news.
Have a great day!

This is really excellent after breaking this quarrel I see that bitcoin will not stop and will rise and dissolve to me. Big numbers surpass only 18k little time and patience
Plus there is a rebound in other currencies it's really a special day


Thank you for sharing this valuable information

I am so glamorous sir

Hopefully the start of a good week!

BTC reversal in progress this might be the catalyst for a breakout. BTC formed a "Spinning Top" with a lower low on yesterday's daily candle. It closed above the 38.2% fib which is emboldening the bulls. If today's candle closes above the yesterday's ST high at 9850 that would indicate a trend reversal and make the breakout of the falling wedge likely. According to Bulkowski there is a break upward 68% of the time on falling wedges.

Nice going captain

This surge in Bitcoin is not too surprising. After breaking down from a rising wedge, it probably needs to retest that trend line from below before it "decides" whether to continue up or down. Regaining that broken trend line (which is unlikely) will mean that it has further to run.

I think bitcoin price will increase soon.

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Hi @zer0hedge, I think we all have to learn the hard way but hey, better late than never. I used to think bitcoin is a scam until I actually sat down and read the official whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Totally changed my understanding.

bitcoin rebounds to the highest level of $ 10,000
Electronic currencies recorded gains during today's trading, and the virtual currencies are still waiting for the development of policies against them.
Digital currencies rallied on Monday, with bitcoin rising more than $ 10,000.
Bitcoin climbed 6.6% to $ 10249.1, with a market value of $ 173.1 billion.
Since Wednesday's trading last week, bitcoin has not risen above $ 11,000, swinging between a high of $ 9,000 and less than $ 11,000.
The virtual currencies are still waiting for the development of policies that oppose them, which aims to impose rules to regulate transactions and to prevent fears of tax evasion and money laundering.
Eth increased $ 878.6 by 5.4%, while the "Xrp" currency rose while the lowest level remained at $ 0.960064, up 2.7%.
Bch "rose to $ 1260 by 7.9%," Ltc "rose by $ 228.6, or 8.7%.
The total market value of electronic currency during the current time 446.5 billion dollars.
Greetings to all

Watch out for the sell orders (in the red circles) at $10800, $11000 and $11600. However, my #3 target remains $17000.

Thank you for the information

good news for miners bictoin, what makes bitcoin soar?
In addition to fundamental analysis and chart, anything that affects the bitcoin for profit?

But I thought Bitcoin was dead?

Perhaps another early call that isnt going to work out.

Look at what is taking place on the blockchain. BTC will end up going higher. They are making strides with scaling which is the biggest issue with BTC at the moment.

Not that the market cares about that. Movements in crypto are basically all emotional since few have any idea about what is truly taking place on any of these blockchains.

Is this really taking off? I thought it was $12k not that long ago?

It´s so interesting everytime I see the behavior of BTC price, it really looks like we are trying to follow Nasdaq, which is not bad, but means that we have to go down in the next months.

I don´t think we will get a new lower, below $6K, so I think it will be at that moment that BTC will explode and leave Nasdaq behind. Anyways, it's great to see BTC fighting to avoid going down.

It needs to reach its 20K mark for 2018 already


Right? Like, hello. If Steem is going to hit $10 we need bitcoin to hurry up!

By watching the chart of QQQ (NSDQ) and BTC, I really don't see a good correlation between the two. Also where should we look for correlation - VIX,NSDQ, SPY 500 - I heard like 30 different scenarios for the eventual correlation between BTC and asset classes. The only one that really makes sense is the high-risk asset class ( which for example BTC is)

soon bitcoin will go more high

This might be happing because of the upcoming Bitcoin fork for "Bitcoin private" but let's see how much higher it can go in coming weeks.

Now, we have to accept that the Cryptocurrency market is nothing different than traditional financial market, and currently Bitcoin is showing super volatile nature through it's uptrend and downtrend in my opinion. Now it's uptrend so it will be good for Altcoins too because of the Dominance of Bitcoin on the Cryptocurrency market. Thanks for sharing these charts with us and wishing you an great day. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Wauhhh....this is the greatest news of the day. We were all mourning when Bitcoin was down. Let's hope that it will encrease and reach even more higher than 15 000$.my prediction is that Bitcoin will increase for this 2 months then will decrease so down and then increase during festival period (November & December).

For now, let's enjoy this rise before it goes down..hehehe.... cryptos are really amazing. @zer0hedge I'll be glad if you give us more information about the small coins as verge, Lendconnect and many others. Thanks.

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I saw that litecoin was up even when bitcoin was down.