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Ladies and gents, Bitcoin millionaires from all over the world,

When one must travel, one must travel in style.

In style so be it for the Bitcoin millionaire. However, the carriage in which a Bitcoin millionaire travels can speaks volumes about the character of such millionaire. Therefore it is extremely important to pick such a ride that resembles the characteristics of oneself.

The Ferrari

Would you choose the stylish and sexy? The so ooh la la… The defined, tight, curved, red, sporty, naughty little number, that screams 'I like to party hard.'?

This red beast is something a rather adventurous type might like to speed through the bright lighted city streets in whilst accompanied by an attractive looking companion. A gambler type perhaps? The type that went all in and won big in the early days of Bitcoin? The type that goes hard or goes home?

Is this the type of bitcoin millionaire you are?

The Rolls Royce

Perhaps you would choose the luxurious and comfortable, outstanding and brilliant

This exquisitely, elegant, extraordinary, usually chauffeur driven luxury carriage is something the more conservative type might like to ride to work in on a mild summers afternoon. An investor type perhaps? The type to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin but also successfully blog on steemit as a dolphin or whale? The type that works hard and wins hard?

Is this the type of bitcoin millionaire you are?

I will leave that to you, the Bitcoin millionaires to decide.

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Picture - Ferrari
Picture - Rolls Royce


To hell with cars, I take my personal helicopter.

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When I hit my cool million I'll be getting a lambo of course. I'm surprised you had to ask. :-)

A lambo you say? an excellent choice!

Would it be the Centenario or the Huracán?

Why make such a hard decision when I could just buy both?

Rolls Royce!

I've always said my lambo is a backhoe. Man the fun you could have with that ... like a real live Tonka toy.

Tesla model X, P100D. Black

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