Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 💥 looks very Bullish after 9 months

in #bitcoin9 months ago (edited)

Bitcoin price is exploding to the upside and now questions are rising may be this is most Bullish sign after 9 months

What's going on my friends today I am going to disscus bitcoin price actions
Bitcoin is now at very critical area

Remember this is not a financial or trading advice it's only my personal opinion always do your own research before investing because this market is highly volatile

Why is bitcoin pumping this is the question right now Altcoins also looks very Bullish ethereum is up 9.9 % ,XRP 7.62 % BCH bitcoin cash is up 18.45 according to CMC
It is just a crazy crypto party today

Bitcoin broke key hurdles near $8250 and $8500 against the us dollar, bitcoin is traded to a new 2020 high at $8668
The next key levels to watch are $8,800 and $8,950 and the main target is $10,000 in coming sessions

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