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Bitcoin Will Reach Everyone & Everywhere Very Soon
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Every person in the world, whether in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe or America will be able to use Bitcoin even when not connected to the Internet. All we will need is a telephone that can send and receive calls. This, according to the enablers, is by the end of the year 2017.

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'Blockstream Satellite is the world’s first service that broadcasts real-time Bitcoin transactions and blocks from a group of satellites in space. With the service, everyone will have free access to the Bitcoin network, in any corner of the world, including the estimated four billion people not currently connected to the Internet, due to lack of availability or affordability.

Blockstream Satellite is already available across two thirds of the Earth’s landmass; and will reach global coverage – to everyone on the planet – by end of year. As more people access the Bitcoin blockchain with Blockstream Satellite, we expect to see even more adoption and use cases for Bitcoin as well as a strengthening of the overall robustness of the network'.

...For Bitcoin to be truly transformative, it must be everywhere, available for everyone to use, and that’s what we’re helping to make possible with Blockstream Satellite’s radically lower cost of Bitcoin network access — a necessary building block and level-up for the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

Here's How To Join Bitcoin Satellite
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How To Test Whether You're Covered By The Bitcoin Satellite in Your Area
The picture below shows that I'm covered by the Bitcoin Satellite in Kigali, Rwanda. Through the Satellites of Europe, Africa and America. Please check the link below and check your status.

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