Frontrunning the S2F model

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The breakout out of the correction seems confirmed.
Please note that we are above the weekly 21 SMA, 21 EMA and 21 WMA, which tend to contain the weekly trend; as can be easily seen in the above chart.

Currently, my preferred count looks like above which would lead to a wave 2 finishing end of March, beginning of April, when also in 2019 and 2017 we saw the start of a solid uptrend. Maybe there is a seasonal effect in crypto.

The OBV looks strong, both on the weekly and the daily chart: money is flowing into bitcoin.

Both the weekly and daily stochastics have enough space to the upside. There does seem to be serious resistance around $10k, where also an important previous resistance level rests.

I managed to close half of my put options for a 50% loss and I'm going to let my futures run until we get something of a pull back; when it'll be time to add to the position. It's looking very good and - quite comforting also - we still seem to be following the S2F model which predicts significantly higher prices after the coming halving in May. Prices are frontrunning this affair.


Great analysis, thank you 👍

I'm with you with the preferred count.

I know, I've seen your count. They're more or less the same.
But usually something else happens

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