Gov’t Official In Charge Of Crypto Regulations in S. Korean Found Dead Of Heart Attack, Not Sure If This Is Confirm

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A high ranking government official in South Korea who was in the process of developing stiff policy measures against cryptocurrency market in South Korea was found dead at his home in the South Korean capital Seoul,  it was reported in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Feb. 19. That the official was Jung Ki-joon, was 52 year old at the time of death and was the head of economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. Mrs Ki-joon autopsy reportedly revealed he had died of a sudden heart attack while sleeping at home on Sunday Feb. 18. Recently in November, 2017 the South Korean government was having weekly meetings with various vice ministers to come up with a regulatory policy for cryptocurrency operations in that country. The now deceased Korean official was specially put in charge of integrating opinions of various ministries and offices of power for meetings spear headed by minister of the Office for Government Policy Coordination Hong Nam-ki. The official’s colleagues said that over the last year he had been under extreme pressure cause by working in the stressful post that is in charge of regulations development that was in process against cryptocurrency, The south Korean police have recently launched a major investigation into the sudden death of this controversial government official, although his sudden death was described as cause by natural circumstances. South Korea, has the largest % of the cryptocurrency market in the world, but it has experienced massive confusion in recent years regarding cryptocurrency policy. On Jan. 11, the Justice Ministry introduced the idea of a cryptocurrency trading ban for South Korea, which create large scale misinterpreted by various media houses as an effective ban causing panic in the markets. The South Korean Finance Ministry of Strategy later announced that they did not agree with the current proposal. Feb. 14, was when the government of South Korea reply to a petition online against cryptocurrency regulations in general. In an announcement, Hong Nam-ki publicly declared that  cryptocurrency trading wouldn't be ban in South Korea. but the government is still working on ways to better integrate cryptocurrency into its Eco system.                        


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