When Binance enables fiat to crypto, will the floodgates open?

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A direct portal from fiat to crypto opens a world of possibilities...

Binance recently announced plans to enable trades directly from fiat to its broad cryptocurrency market. Up until now, Binance, along with most other exchanges, has necessitated the purchase and sending of Bitcoin or a few other select currencies to begin trading. This is not by their own volition, but has been due to the restrictions and regulations involved in most countries regarding trading from fiat to cryptocurrencies. Trading crypto to crypto is just a whole lot easier, legally speaking.

Malta, however, is open for cryptocurrency business and thus does not have such limitations. So the prospect of trading good old USD for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies will soon become reality. This begs the question - what will happen to the trading volume and value of the vast range of altcoins available on Binance's ever-expanding offerings?

It also begs the question - will we still be talking in satoshis if the BTC pairing is no longer a necessity? What of other currencies that offer little in terms of uniqueness? It could be a serious reality check for many fledgling offerings.

In my opinion, Bitcoin will remain the leader of the crypto market, primarily because it is the most trusted and most secure, with the highest hash rates and the largest community. But we could well see a shift in mentality when comparing other coins and tokens against each other.

As the market matures, cryptocurrencies that do not offer a unique technology or utility of practical value will fade in value and attention. This is a normal process in the maturing of any market, but it will happen at an accelerated rate in the hyper-fast crypto-economy, taking weeks or months instead of years or decades.

The bigger issue in the short term is, what will competing exchanges do to keep up with Binance? It might be time for some more companies to move to Malta, or more benefically, for more countries to adopt Malta's open-arms economic policies.

If economies around the world want to take advantage of the potential wealth to be gained via the crypto-economy, they better start making changes, and soon. A flood is coming.

*This is not professional trading advice - it's just my opinion!

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FIAT pairing will certainly reduce dependence on BTC/ETH as far as trading is concerned. I believe that to a certain degree this will influence price of BTC, but if you look at many Korean exchanges, they use their local currency KRW on many pairings and they still invest in BTC as a store of value.

Time will tell, but I believe that at least for the next few years BTC will remain King.

Hi @xsid,

Yes, if all the exchanges were to offer a 'Fiat to Crypto',
There will certainly be a increase in price and adoption.

Agreed, @phrase. I think the bigger issue here is that if nations around the world want to take advantage of the flood of wealth that will be created by crypto, changes need to be made to anti-crypto policies. Otherwise, Malta will reap the rewards while resistant countries will... well, miss the boat.

It will definitely make crypto more accessible to the masses.

There is an ICO out there called Nauticus. Due to launch very soon. Based in Australia and will immediately support several fiats (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, AUD.....)

If new exchanges can get this up and running fro the get-go ,it is time for the older established exchanges to get on the train!

Thanks for the heads up on Nauticus, just finished reading up on it and looks great.

Bought myself a small bag of some :)

I hope we could buy/sell cryptos directely with/for Euro's eventualy on Binance, that would be fantastic! 😎

Wow... I've been keeping my head out of the game since all the lows, I've just been hodling and waiting for the market to pick up, which thankfully it seems to be doing now (touch wood). It sounds like I had better get my head back in the game... thanks again for update, you seem to really know your stuff!

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