Can Bitconnect make you a millionaire? My Experiment

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I am new to Bit Connect, and I am trying to grow a very small investment of $170 into a large investment. So basically I am going to reinvest every cent I earn back into the bit connect program for 12 months, So far in the last few weeks I have reinvested a numbers of times and am now up to $220 which is a 29% growth on the original investment. Not a bad start!
I guess its a mathematical certainty with compounding interest that the investment will grow all that is needed really is that Bit connect says working and doesn't just disappear over night, fingers grossed . Anyhow if any one out there is doing the same thing and wants to chat or has any advice just comment below.

If you want to join my team my link is


don't think so bit connect has a good future. all the best to you though.

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