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What is Bitcoin

One of the clearest answers to this question is the next best step naturally considered in the evolution of money.

What is the money or what is the history

Throughout history, many elements have been used in commercial activities. In the nineteenth century, nation states began to carry out more and more commercial activities, and the precious metals such as gold and silver were transformed into paper money, thus a monetary system came to fruition.

As the global economy became more complex, in the second half of the 20th century

At the end of the nations, they moved away from underneath. Standardization began to work to build currency units based on the law and to increase trust in the ruling.

Over time, tides, economic crises and similar events made money a subject of constant scrutiny. At the same time, credit cards started to appear. The value of money was transferred to electronic medium. Digital media has developed, new extensions have added extensions to itself as it evolved.

When did Bitcoin come out

Bitchin block-chain system, the crypto currency was spent on 3 January 2009 with the logic. The idea father and whitepaper writer Chinese Satoshi Nakamoto initiated a new milestone. The number of bitcoins on the market was limited to 21 million pieces. As of July 22, 2013, the total value of Bitcoins in circulation reached $ 8.3 billion as of June 4, 2014, while the total value was $ 1.2 billion. And people began to witness the very beginning of the millennium age.

Where to use bitcoin What to do bitcoin What are the uses of bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the first to be used on the internet and in the real economy.

It can be used to make purchases of goods. Smart phones can be used in hotel accommodation, pizza and coffee. It can be used for purchasing and sales operations all over digital media. The usage area of ​​Bitcoin is unlimited.

Which areas of Bitcoin do you want to penetrate? Which areas of Bitcoin do you penetrate?

National and international Money Transfers: Having a single registry system, the positive effects of the speedy and safe environment provided by the block chain are enough to direct international companies to use bitcoin.

Insurance Transactions: Insurance transactions confined to fraud and closure mottos are made through bitcoin, which is transparent and reliable.

Bitcoin is safe

In particular, the lack of a particular authority has made the bitco attractive, thus increasing its use. Controlling transactions at many points minimized the possibility of fraud. Bitcoin, a conjuncture formed by the developing technology and the unsecured virtual environment, has been seen as a drug and has always kept its place on the agenda as an indispensable user.

Bitcoin goes beyond money

Bitcoin is more than a new currency. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies resemble a digital contract system that gives buyers and sellers confidence to use to shape the market to create a new architecture for change. Bitcoin is the best tool to make money transactions fast and reliable with little interruption.

Example Bitcoin operation

Let me explain the example bitcoin operation with the graphic above.

Part 1: Agreed for commercial activity among persons using the block-chain system. Payment method bitcoin

Part 2: Bitcoin was transmitted via purses. Operation confirmed.

Part 3: Transactions have been carried out in confidentiality and reliability.

Future of Bitcoin

A few factors will affect Bitcoin. Legal regulation, including technological evolution, innovation and economic conditions.

It is not hard to predict the future of Bitcoin today.

By understanding its importance on the Internet, Bitcoin's future can be understood in the best way.

Even the daily transaction volume is proof that BitCoin is not a future concern.

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