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Can Be Quantum Computations for Everyone?

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

The development of quantum computing might come as a solution to the insufficient processing power of modern computers, given an ever increasing demand. However, at present quantum computers exist only as a model and are costly. The good news is that some companies such as Qilimanjaro, are trying to find ways to offer decentralized quantum computation services for everyone to have access to the benefits of this new computing technology. More specifically, they can offer solutions for real businesses in the form of scheduling and traffic, security, chemistry etc. and at the same time the users can earn QBIT tokens. In support of the widespread adoption of i.e. QBITs, [Blockbasis] ( allows cryptocurrency users to store, send and receive crypto using just an email. Additionally, you can exchange cryptocurrency and trade directly without intermediaries on our DEX and see transactions happen in real time.

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