StealthCoin The Hidden Gem of Privacy Coins

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StealthCoin Specs: Website

Algo: X13
Symbol: XST
Block time: 60 seconds
Total PoW money supply: ~20,700,000 XST
Blocks 1-10: premine 23,274 XST each (total premine 232,740 XST)
Blocks 11-260 award: 16.0 XST each (4 hr low reward for fair launch)
Block 261+ award: 8,000 XST
Block award halves every 1440 blocks (~1 day)
Last PoW block: 5,459
PoS interest: 20% annually
Coin PoS age: Min. 3 days / Max. 9 days / coins stop aging at 15 days
RPC port: 46502

StealthCoin Staking:

Coin (input) is eligible to stake 3 days after the transaction that put it in your wallet.
Every second it gets a better and better chance to mint as it gets older.
But at 9 days after sitting in your wallet, the chances get no better.
Every second your coin will earn more and more interest once it mints.
But at 15 days, the potential earnings are capped. That means you can't open your wallet after 365 days and earn 20% interest. The most interest you will earn on an input is 0.822% (20% * 15 / 365).

So if you open your wallet every six months to stake, you'll earn just over 1.65% interest (1.00822 * 1.00822).
If you open it every 3 months you'll earn about 3.3% interest.
If you open it every 45 days, you'll earn about 6.7% interest.
If you open it every 22.5 days, you'll earn about 14% interest.
More frequently than that, you'll approach compounding to nearly 22% (based on a nominal APR of 20%).

To speed up the Wallet Syncing Download the Bootstrap and follow the directions above

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Is is still mine able? If so can someone direct me to mining info? I want to mine the shit out of this coin then stake the piss out of it. This looks fantastic. Thank You.


Cheap enough though to buy up a lot , Low circulating supply only 26.8 million coins out there , Could easily be worth $1-$2 in the next couple of months


I believe it's only POS now not minable anymore

Hi @willybobob I suggest you looking at my articles and I hope that you like them

This is cool, and whats nice is XST isnt just some bullshit coin its legit

Thanks information.

its a very helpful post,,,,,,,,,,,,,//////////

Thanks for the information

very different one indeed!!!!

Based on the information provided in this post and all my experiences with Pocket, I would say distribution was

@willybobob Awesome posts sir... I thoroughly concur along with you. Adore it..

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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Good picked up for you. Do you happen to know what the effective amount of XST would be to stake?


No minimum is required to be able to stake. In theory, you can stake even with 1 XST.