Bear Market Almost Over?

in #bitcoin6 years ago (edited)

IMO, this up and down can only last so long and the bears within this market will soon run out of steam. I believe BTC around $6000 is a perfectly healthy and logical price to have consolidated at.

I truly believe big money is on the edge of their seats and just waiting to jump into this beast. Between all of the FUD there is too much good news baked into the current price. BTC/ETH not a security, Coinbase ETF, wall street getting on board, etc. It's almost too convenient (or manipulated) that these things have come to light and seeing the price where it is.

It may crash a little lower, it may even be best but in the end. Whatever low it goes to, the recovery up will be just as swift like we saw from the February low.

Stay strong everyone and hopeful for the future! Patience is key in any market or any investment for that matter.

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