Bitcoin Halvening in !2 Hours.

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For More Information

We are approximately 12 hours away from the Bitcoin Halvening. Here is a site for the countdown.

Currently the market looks unimpressed. BTC is currently trading at 8683.93760528 in USDT

There have been many predictions about how the event will impact the price of BTC.


I don't really have any predictions due to the strange financial times we are experiencing due to Governments Reaction to Covid-19. There is a lot of uncertainty and doubt as to the results of locking down so much of the Globe from normal life routines, production and entertainment.

It's a big event for BTC and any thing that impacts Bitcoin impacts nearly all crypto projects. Some predict large price increases due to scarcity and others predict miners will stop mining, I don't know that either is true and both are self correcting problems. :)

So, if you are fairly new to crypto enjoy watching the coverage and price action of a huge BTC event.



I feel like this whole thing snuck up on me and I didn't use the last 4 years to better prepare and get more stake lol oh well lets watch this next stock to flow model adjustment play out once again

Considering everything financial is in a state of insanity and inverse logic, who the hell knows.
Maybe it will all disappear in puff off incinerated silicon. It's as good a guess as any!

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