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How do you get bitcoin to the moon? With a satellite. According to this article a company called blockstream has set up a satellite that will send and receive bitcoin information. That's right, a satellite. I do not know all the technicalities of it but as of now, it will reach two-thirds of the Earth's land and will continue to grow. How awesome is that. A global currency is one thing but when it is being stream from a satellite, you really have global coverage,

What strikes me is that people can just utilize satellites. Do you rent them like blockbuster video rented movies? Is there late fees? How much would that cost? Maybe we should rent our own. Anyways this is a big step in adoption of the coin. I remember reading before about satellites being set up to delivery free wifi around the world in 2020 and this, with the blockchain, can really lead to a decentralized world.

Check out the link:

And does anyone know, can you access this without the internet?

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Hope this will get the exchange rates back up! It's gone down by quite a lot today.


Maybe, I think the coin was due for a correction though. It has been a crazy hike.

Seems like a marketing stunt with no actual value.

amazing !!!! new technology :D

Interesting. I don't claim to know all the ins and outs of bitcoins or satellites, but it could be an interesting combination for the future.

this is awesome.

That make's going to the moon a literal possibility then. You can now space travel to the moon and buy #Bitcoin via satellite.