Lets Get Crazy, Bitcoin Predicted To Be Worth 100 Million Dollars A Coin In 2030

in bitcoin •  4 months ago

Sure why not :p. There is probably no way this has a chance of happening but it is good to dream. The idea behind this is hypercoinization. It is the idea that we will all replace currency for bitcoin and that would make it worth 100 million. Though technically if we no longer have fiat than bitcoin would not have a fiat worth. I doubt bitcoin will replace money but I do think cryptocurrency is here to stay. There is nothing stopping it co-existing in a world of cash especially when dapps start to get released.

But lets make a fun limerick anyways.

She never knew when she bought one,
That a bitcoin would be worth a ton,
now she owns two,
islands surrounded by blue,
and a country she uses just for fun.

Forget bitcoin pizza day :p

Here is the link for more info:

bitcoin-2007769_1280 (1).jpg

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I'm really tired of people that make these predictions without putting something at stake, if you are going to make a bitcoin price prediction, you also have to say you will eat your own dick if it doesn't happen... if you don't then we can easily see that you are not committed to the cause! :^)

Love the news and love the limerick! My favorite article of the day! Thank you for the smile!

Damn that sounds really good!

I was sitting on a dock having a beer this weekend and I thought I would check my coins on my phone to see if I had enough for one of these cottages yet. Not quite but someday!

It's just a prediction though.

I can predict the next USA president aswell, it doesn't mean it will be true

i really like the fact that we have so many crypto-gurus nowadays. They use basically stupid arguments (if they bother to make up something :P ) and they insist to something that may happen 5-10-20 years later. Let's say that bitcoin will be 100m in 2030, what about the world if that possibility happens the whole balance will dramatically change.

My ''prediction logic'' is to always predict that my coins will go worse than they are. That way even if they increase a bit i will be happy :P

bitcoin is still the best currency in the world. #SHAtheSTANDARD