Bitcoin Mining Doesn't Have To Waste Energy In Can Make Heat

in bitcoin •  14 days ago

I am a big fan of products and companies that make things more efficient. Like steemit which could be your social and pay you for your content at the same time. And one area that is being under-utilized is the heat that comes from mining bitcoin. It is possible to heat houses and make bitcoin mining efficient if we move to places that are cold all year around.

In order to combat global warming bitcoin mining could be displayed better in colder areas or we can start to have more products that use the heat that is created. One example is this awesome heater that mines bitcoin and keeps you warm:

Something to think about as bitcoin heats up (and yes that is a pun :p)


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Waste not and want not are words to live by. This is a great concept. Although I might have questions about which coins are truly feasible with this kind of a rig. But the industry is definitely moving in the right direction.

Just an after thought. Proof-of-work seems to be giving way to proof-of-stake and delegated-proof-of-stake. While this saves money overall by reducing energy, it often requires more powerful systems. So you have fewer systems overall, but gone are the days when you can effectively mine the more popular coins with your home computer.

But, things will continue to change and who knows, we may all be mining from our homes at some point in the future.

I know that quite a few companies use the waste heat from their servers to heat (part of) their buildings. Therefore, I guess that at least some people are using their mines as a heat source. But this is indeed something which people could look into more, and which could be used to counter the wastefull image that bitcoin mining is given in mainstream media

We did this with our ETH miners in the winter. Simply relocate the miners to a neighbours basement in the winter - we'd cover their electricity, they just had to put up with the noise of the 6 GPU's whirring.

Summer was a different story though... Too hot!!!

It could be done but you can't expect every miner to implement such thing and to move them all to colder areas.

It is known that some of these miner farms are on the colder places on earth because there is not a need to waste more energy on cooling the miners. Heating could help but I am not sure it will happen fast if miners opt to do so. But it can benefit them as they will earn more - they can sell heat for instance.

Miners will continue to be resourceful as the bear market forces them to do so to remain sustainable throughout prices!

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