World first solar powered Mining company!

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 This company that is  committed to the "production" of digital currencies with two mining facilities in San Jose, Costa Rica. With such a  diversified market it is very important that our company expands their  mining facilities around the globe. 

Mine your first Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, etc. 1 minute after activation.

 Our  facility plants are gradually converted into alternative energy sources.  The solar project  "Sun 1" is the first of its kind. A megawatt  plant in Costa Rica that is intended for only the exploration of digital  currencies. The business model of that company allows  future partners that are coming from the market boom blockchain and  digital currencies to participate without writing a line of "code",or  installing any hardware. In addition to training, all licensed partners  will receive access to all of that company products at wholesale prices  (including mining). 

 Lifetime mining

Many mining companies have contractual duration times of 1-3  years. This company do not see why a once purchased service  (This company  buys the hardware) should be limited in time if you have  the chance to produce energy yourself for almost "nothing". Lifetime for  us means that the company and the client enter into an agreement that  mining will be operated as long as it is not a loss for the site. This  can go on provided that we, in consultation with the clients, will  change an algorithm for a more profitable one. But it can never be  possible that we produce 0 services. For details, Hash Power price check out this!

WE ARE "real".

This company. is committed to transparency and openness  in accordance with the quality guidelines. When you contact us, you will  have an "company agent" on the phone and not a call center from India.  We are aware that TRUST can be won only through good work.  

Customer affiliate system

Satisfied customers recommend us to others. As a thank-you  gift, you will receive up to 5% of the transferred payment to your  "Power account”, credited without a question asked. You will receive in  your customer center a collection of links and banners you can use.   


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lol not even a photo ?
"THIS COMPANY IS "real". haha, that's why you don't give any photos nor hashpower estimate or else...


250 MHs
X11 / X13 / QUARK LIFETIME 1860 Dollar


and a photo ?
I mean if I had a solar mining facilities, I would post photos everywhere, because it would be quite an achievement in itself... on the contrary, the absence of photo... yeah well

Cool! I follow you. +vote