NUPay: A Robust Payment Ecosystem


Hi crypto enthusiast! Let discuss about a new ground breaking payment platform called NUPay. No doubt it’s a major platform based on its blockchain related principles. We all know those principles that are associated to block chain. For those that aren’t aware of it, blockchain is a great decentralized network, it’s well secure, easy to use and utilizes with brilliant smart contracts to verifying project’s smooth running of its exchange.
However, NUPay project is decentralized installment platform that can be used at any sales point both online and offline payment stores.
NUPay is a kind of payment system that allows its users have their profile, make a payment via its framework and get well compensated for their exchanges. It’s yet another crypto payment project that’s suitable for online trading with an aim of solving difficulties regarding Crypto money payment benefits that clients often confront.


Normally in NUPay payment system, there is reliability of service from payment users make in their exchanges. Its altering story of payment delay or failure online and offline because it comes to revolutionizes it. It installment network is making payment easy and devoid of hidden charges. That is, when you make a payment through NUPay platform, you’d get a token as a reward. Such a token will be used in exchange for USD or any other currency of your choice.
Also, let take a look at time of exchange. In our existing payment platform, we could make a transaction & it’ll take several hours before it reflects successfully. Most times, payment server may be off for long and whole system will cease to function. This is different in NUPay network because it’s a blockchain payment network; it is fast as a speed of light. NUPay will build to deal with a enormous amount of payment exchanges each seconds.
The positive situation of NUPay payment platform is of normal installment framework which is so exceptional.
We can see from NUPay project whitepaper, they’ll synergizes with a variety of merchant, gateways and stores of about 25 million number of users globally. In addition, they’re aiming allow users on being a best way to use their crypto assets at reasons in both online and offline.

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Token Sale Information

Token Symbol - TPCT
Open Sale cost- 25000 TPCT= 1 ETH
Accepted Currency- ETH, XRP, BTC
Soft Cap Target – 500 million TPCT
Hard Cap Target – 1 billion TPCT
The all out token supply is 2.5 billion TPCT
About 40% of all tokens are offered for sell.

Final Thought

In assurance that an automated financial payment means after some while later will evolve to a standard money or payment tool makes it great, NUPay want to make transition of crypto money related platform to be easy for its user. Its token called 'TPCT' will serve as an exchange instrument or as storage of large amount of currency that can be accumulated and spent over time via NUPay Payment platform. NUPay is moving over online and offline markets, and will allow the easy use of TPCT tokens through other main crypto currency, vouchers and close by payment outlet and vouchers points.

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