Bitcoin Do You Smell Something Fishy?

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Did you ever have a gut feeling about something? I do all the time. It doesn't mean that I am always right. But for me my intuition has kept me alive in the ocean when others have perished.

My intuition has kept me out of jail in the USA. While some might say big deal so you stayed out of prison. Yes in a hostile country that jails people for helping other people get well. You go to jail if you don't pay the ransom that they want you to pay. They call it taxes. Paying your fair share.


Anyway Back to Bitcoin. Who is the creator? Yeah right! This alone sends a few red flags. It must be a new tactic because in my experience they normally try to act like new things are grass roots.

You know a normal guy came up with this and they find a shill. Kind of like the Astro Nots that never have went to the moon. They are shills because they have to go out and lie to the public. Its a matter of national security. I am sure.

Have you ever seen the US government not try to mess anything up that is good for the people?

The Bitcoin market most times seems like a real market the fluctuations would be totally normal in a market that was not rigged. The stock market is rigged and a great extractor of people's money.

I like Bitcoin and other digital currencies not only for the profit potential but for some reason I don't want to deal with banks or governments telling me how I can use my currency.

Hey maybe cryptocurrency will actually help the people get away from our so call rulers. Maybe if we stop allowing them to steal our money we could have more freedom and wealth?

Hope you enjoyed my post.


For those reading my posts for the first time. My name is Rik Rodriguez I am a Surfer, Martial Artist Internet marketer, Gardener, Author that lives in Hawaii. You can check out more of my posts here @wavemaster

I love my Ninja Blender !

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I lived in Hawaii when I worked with The Salvation Army in 2007 - 2008. I'm from Oregon. Now, I am in Saigon, Vietnam. I bought some Bitcoins & other cryptos. I am learning everyday.

Agreed that there are bad people and some of the crypto coins are bad and some will fail and some will do very good in the future in the same way that Bitcoin value increased by so much money from 2009 to 2017 this year. Crypto will come and go and competition will continue to rise. SOme of the bad stuff is fishy and we use intuition to get out of jail or to avoid jail and that is common sense and it is survival and it is destiny. Thanks for posting.

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Thank you I appreciate you doing that Thank you!

Thank you Joey I appreceate you reading my post commenting and Resteeming following and liking it !