Bitcoin Diamond Uncovered as a Scam

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It has recently been uncovered that Bitcoin Diamond, a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that supposedly occurred at block 495866, is actually a scam. Below are some red flags that point to this.

  1. The Cryptomon website that keeps track of current Bitcoin forks has updated the status of Bitcoin Diamond to 'scam'. It is the only fork that they have allocated this status to so far.

  2. BitGo has tweeted that, "Despite their unauthorized use of our brand and logo on their website, @BitGo has no affiliation with BitcoinDiamond_. We have never spoken to them and recommend caution."

  3. Trezor hardware wallets have stated on Twitter that, "we are evaluating BTD, however, atm, we do not have access to their source code. Without access to their code, we cannot verify if the coin is real. Moreover, the security of your current cryptos is TREZOR's priority. We won't support forks unless they're secure."

  4. Ledger hardware wallets said on Twitter, in response to a question about when Bitcoin Diamond coins would be available on their devices, "there is no bitcoin diamond blockchain, so that would be difficult."

The 10 for 1 free coins for Bitcoin holders was obviously too good to be true.

Finally, a reminder. Never share your Bitcoin private key or seed. Any site or email requesting this information is trying to scam you out of your Bitcoin.

Original article posted here: Bitcoin Diamond Uncovered as a Scam

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Since posting this I no longer think that Bitcoin Diamond is a scam. The original source post has been deleted.