Wall of Coins launches affiliate program aimed at rewarding crypto traders and circumnavigating the Facebook and Google ban on crypto ads

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The cash-to-cryptocurrency gateway, Wall of Coins, announces a brand-new affiliate program for their crypto on-boarding platform. This highly attractive program is especially rewarding for sellers on Wall of Coins who can now monetize their cryptocurrency by participating. This program allows sellers to easily advertise the sale of their Bitcoin, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies on their preferred social media website, and Wall of Coins will provide the sellers with a commission each time their friends use and share the WOC's web link. Providing this service for crypto community members who want to sell their coins will familiarize more people with crypto, an important factor in the health of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Wall of Coins founder and CEO Robert Genito states, “the general population just still doesn’t know how to get crypto. We're changing that by making it simple and incentivizing crypto sellers to join Wall of Coins' effort to on-board the community to crypto. We are proud to announce that we will now enable sellers to promote their own sales and get paid extra.” This new program helps sellers attract more friends and family to cryptocurrency while compensating them for each new seller that signs up. Affiliate program participants will be paid a fixed amount of Dash cryptocurrency exclusively when their referrals sign up with Wall of Coins. (For more information on commission rates, please visit wallofcoins.com/affiliate-program).

Ryan Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Group, explains, “This functionality will create new opportunities for sellers to take a proactive role to attract buyers, while simultaneously bringing new users to the market. Ultimately, the increased activity will lead to a more vibrant and liquid market, which benefits everyone. It also creates new means for the Dash community to benefit from helping Wall of Coins grow.”

"The company’s mission is to on-board humanity to the new crypto economy," Genito states. Wall of Coins works with several coins and continually integrates novel cryptocurrencies with its platform. The startup continues to experience substantial growth and is brimming with opportunities to serve the crypto community, their traders, wallets, and service providers, while promoting a healthy and thriving crypto ecosystem.

Wall of Coins is the only company to provide a social media affiliate link that rewards crypto traders and affiliates for bringing new people into cryptocurrency and directly connects the buyer to a location where they can immediately claim ownership of cryptocurrency. Genito believes this will ultimately make crypto more accessible to everyone stating, “It’s a win-win for the entire community. A decentralized currency should be accessible to all, and Wall of Coins will continue to cultivate and protect the growth for everyone involved in this industry."

About Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins is on a mission to make buying and selling cryptocurrency simple, by eliminating the need for complex accounts and logins, and offering a streamlined buying process that allows even those without a bank account to buy cryptocurrency. Check out Wall of Coins, and see why crypto sellers find the service to be highly lucrative, transparent, and effortless!

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This is a wonderful innovation and a great opportunity to earn some crypto from the affiliate program.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for all your hard work bringing crypto to the masses. I heard about you through @jerrybanfield "Make STEEM on steemit" class series. I'm new to steemit, and crypto. My dtube channel is all about bringing people to steemit by doing man on the street recruitment. I truly believe a social media platform like steemit is the future marketplace.

Wow that great, the great founded of ceo wall of the currency @robertgenito Excellent news. I am very happy I want to wish my sincere congratulations and thank you for making possible the monetization of these cryptocurrencies that every day more people in your favor.

Robert Genito, great founder of the Wall of Coins CEO, thanks to the possibility of monetizing the cryptocurrencies participating and in an easier way. Congratulations

great founder and CEO of Wall of Coins. excellent your contribution @Robert Genito is a great creator. regards

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