Basic of crypto Trading - Beginner Level

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I am starting crypto educational content series for beginners/new traders. My intention is to spread the knowledge of crypto among the people who are still not aware about crypto.

Crypto Terminology

  1. FIAT Currency – it is government issued currency. Example – US dollar, Euro, INR, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Yuan ETC. It is controlled by respective country governing body
  2. Bitcoin – First Blockchain based cryptocurrency. It can be bought/sold in exchange.
  3. Altcoin – Alternate coin. Other than bitcoin, all crypto coins are called altcoin.
  4. ICO – Initial Coin Offering, It is similar to IPO in share market. Crypto startup will offer coin/token at discounted price for earlier buyer before listing into exchange.
  5. Exchange – Online Website/Platform where we can buy and sell crypto-currencies. It’s functioning is same as stock exchange website (to trade shares) but for trading cryptocurrency. Example – Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex
  6. Long – Traders are speculating about price rise and buying the crypto at low price and will sell later at high price.
  7. Short – Traders are speculating about price going down and selling the crypto at high price and will buy later at low price.
  8. Bullish – Speculation about price to rise. Overall Market sentiments positive and traders will go for Long Trading
  9. Bearish – Speculation about price to decrease. Overall Market sentiments negative and traders will go for short trading
  10. Whale – Person who has big share of bitcoin or alt coin. whale may move the market and manipulate it by buying or selling a big quantity in exchange.
  11. ATH – All time high. Highest price of coin has ever achieved.

I will continue the content in my next post.


Good info about crypto (y)

I will continue the thread for all the basic information for beginner.

dear vyaduka, nice info but plz share your advance level treading knowledge.

It will come in subsequent blog

Good and very simple to learn..
I want to know how much money i can spend to buy steem power as a beginner ???

There is no necessity to buy steem power as per Steemit Blog Logic. you can grow if you will get upvote for your blog from users specially big reputation user. But it's not easy.

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Thank you
Thank you so much...
I am a beginner . i dont know anything about steemit.
Doing comment on many posts is ok???

very good and informative post for beginners of crypto trading.

thank you sir....

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its a good basic knowledge regarding crypto markets treading and other information of treading

just have my little effort to spread basic knowledge regarding crypto.

That is a great starting tutorial for people like me who have no clue about trading and are trying to educate themselves... Thank you for that. I look forward to your next post then.

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Nice info. Crypto is the future of the world's economy.

it will replace all FIAT currency.

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This post will surely help beginners and will set up a strong foundation to them. Very informative and covering almost all the information about crypto . nice post sir

I am going to add at least 2 blog per week for this thread.

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Thanks for basic!

it's my little effort.

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Really great post sir

Thanks. following you

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Great post Vyaduka, however some of the definitions are to restrictive. For example, LONG does not only mean buy low and sell high. It can also be buy high and sell at even a higher price. Same with "Bearish" which also can be referred to as "Shorting" or a Sell order.

Above all, great work and insight to the rudimentary info. in terms of trading! Bitcoin post I provided previously can be found here and there will be more to come for sure. Cheers!

Thanks for clarification. There may be some clarity required in my above blog.

I was also meaning the same, buy at low and sell at high means....buying price is lower than selling price. It does not mean catching bottom during buy and selling at top.
It’s difficult to catch bottom and top in trading

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thank u so much sir ,i will follow ur guideline

thanks sir