What do Institutional Traders think of Bitcoins and ICOs? [Survey Results]

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In November, New York-based Triad as well as Datatrek Research conducted a survey, garnering responses from 317 institutional traders.

Of those, just over half work for buy-side firms, with roughly 10 percent and 8 percent coming from sell-side and service provider companies, respectively.

You will find their answers below but as you are going to see, most of them are familiar with Bitcoin, Cryptos and ICOs. I made some graphs to show the most important answers formulated in this survey.

It was surprising to me that so many of them have already invested in it !

Survey Results

"Did you buy bitcoin or are you considering to?"

Trader's knowledge concerning ICOs

"Where do you think Bitcoin is going?"

"Would you consider Bitcoin as a store of value similar to gold?"

I think this survey was very interesting and show that actually the finance sector is already well aware of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies.

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Sad to see that people do not have an opinion.

Remember that we are still in early stages and that one day we will laugh of the prices of today

Thank you for the notice, I might have some time in the afternoon to deal with this scammer ^^.

They might be aware, but many of them still don't see the potential, that Bitcoin has

Definitely true.

Interesting topic. One of the few conclusions I can reach on this data is: They either underestimate or are dead wrong about growth potential

Yes but a lot of them have an opinion. Which means they look at it.

Wonderful statistics as always buddy. Love reading your daily updates on crypto currencies. Indeed a complete snapshot. Upvoted and following u as always.
Regards Nainaz

It's still too volatile for institutional traders. It's not worth it for them to stress over when you can make %7 - %10 returns in the S&P 500.

Think if you invested a million of peoples retirement and tomorrow bitcoin value drops to half. They would have a lot of unhappy customers. Not to say the stockmarket can't do the same thing, but it has more history behind it.

Crypto is great for people to invest in in there 20's to 30's, but as people get closer to retirement it's too much of a gamble.

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