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I would like to apologize for using so many Steems to power up this post. I thought it would do 10$ as before HF21-22. I forgot that they adapted the upvote amount and therefore I did not aim to make this post so visible at 40$+ rewards.
Sorry, This will not happen again 😐


I saw you resteemed Kevin Wongs post where he writes:

Bidbotting is a secondary market where people are able to effectively buy discounted Steem perpetually. This sabotages the primary market, leading to a sustained devaluation of our currency and platform.

So why use bidbots at all?

You are right, it can help though to make good post known, I wanted to try it post HFs. And I made a mistake.
On the other hand I heard about bidbots destroying your steem afterwards (good for everyone then). Do you know which one to use that have this function?

I know that it can make a post visible, but it is destructive. I can't remember if some of the bots are now burning what they earn, but it sounds like a bad business to me. With the new rules they would be earning more by simply curating.

Sadly there isn't really a good system paying to promoting posts. I think the idea of the promoted system where you burn steem is very good, but the posts should be displayed in the feed of all users where the so called featured posts are now.

I am just doing it the purist way and hoping the community will see when I have made a long and work-heavy post - until there will be a promotion solution that will benefit both Steem and the users of the solution, I am not sure it is doable. But I can be wrong of course.

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