Bitcoin? Ehh... any chance of pumping?

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Hello Steemians,

From past 3-4 months, bitcoin and nearly all the cryptocurrency are seemed to get stuck in a cycle or loop. The pump is the new dump. One of the reasons why I kicked most of the cryptocurrency or coin market bot out of discord group. There is simply no reason to keep them, people are generally more talking about cryptos instead of life. Bitcoin and market cryptocurrency market evaluation is good but its too bad if you get it everywhere, in general talks or in DM. Life of most of the steemians are running with the graph line, moods get up with the higher trajectory and get lower by the end of the day. I don't where we are going by the end of this year, what if crypto doesn't get up on time, is this the reason that will be going to kill my mood? Certainly noo... Bitcoin isn't in our control so predicting the way of it is simply a joke or just a way to get you hung up there.


India was seemed to be a growing market by the start of this year but the government put a lot of sanctions on it and now like every other case in India, bitcoin is changing slippers periodically. A week ago Unocoin set up an ATM in a mall against the law and now two of its co-founders are counting bars in the jail. So Why India is not taking a leap in the crypto rally? Because bitcoin is not a legal tender in India, for more info about government policies I am tagging @rzs, he will get most of the queries sorted out. He is a lawyer by profession and knows crypto and laws more deeply than this government does. So if you want to know about the present condition of bitcoin in India then it is really bad, just assume an aftermath of a war. Ahh... I am talking about bitcoin...



Well if you compare with the condition of India I will say that global situation is pretty stable after all these days. Rejected ETF and what can I say? Anything left? Still, we are all green in our thoughts and hoping a sudden change by the next hours, @sayee is pretty much more conscious than me on cryptos, she got a lot of things to collect after the tragedy. Globally the market situation is stable and I don't know on which side it is going to fall, pump or dump? I have no thoughts left on crypto and I want to live my life again like in the fall of 2017. Well, let's forget crypto for a while or more than a while, get back to the point where we were not expecting too much like now. I must stop talking about it then... I stopped...

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Hope we all get to see a rise. I also hope our govt. does approve crypto

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