Support Team Satoshi, Brock Pierce & @crystalrose for Gumball 3000 Charity Drive

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Help Team Satoshi reach top 10 pole position in the Gumball 3000 Race Representing blockchain in a DeLorean with a SATOSHI license plate!


Support Team Satoshi

Help support Team Satoshi in the Gumball 3000 race to help the team secure a higher rank pole position spot! "SATOSHI" will be riding through a bunch of countries on the back of a DeLorean DMC-12 to be seen by many people around the world! Support Brock Pierce and @crystalrose on this mission and cause along with celebrating their (yearly wedding) in sort of blockchain style(s).

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To Donate

To donate and support you may go the Gumball 3000 Foundation Donation page for the team or send bitcoin to 3LGKZa2wnxLLAHHgerpstfCNaRAdAWoNRQ

credit @cybercodetwins


Check out the GumBall3000 to learn more!

Gumball 3000 is an Entertainment Group, founded in 1999 by British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper, with its headquarters located in London, England. Cooper's vision was to create an aspirational lifestyle brand that combined automobiles, art and popular culture.


In May 1999, Cooper invited his influential friends to join him on a driving adventure across Europe, hosting glamourous parties throughout attended by Kate Moss, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue and Johnny Knoxville - and immediately gained notoriety gracing the pages of GQ, Esquire and Vanity Fair, as one of "Cool Britannia's" must do events.

Over the following decade the event evolved into a popular brand and global entertainment company attracting licensing collaborations and official partnerships from Governments and blue chip corporations including Nike, Intel, Sony Playstation, Hasbro, MTV, Google and Fiat. Licensed products include watches, footwear, video games, energy drinks, toys and special edition cars. The Gumball 3000 apparel brand and licensed products retail in over 3,000 stores across 30 countries.

Celebrity attendees include David Hasselhoff, Snoop Dogg, EVE, Travis Barker, Xzibit, Adrien Brody, Tyson Beckford, David Guetta, deadmau5, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Steve Aoki, Tony Hawk and Dennis Rodman amongst others; along with Royalty and business figureheads including the founders of Facebook and Pay Pal.

The annual Gumball 3000 tour has evolved into a week long festival of live music concerts, action sports and spectacular car shows hosted in capital cities, achieving live crowds of over one million people, and a televised and online audience that reaches over 100 million households in 60 countries.

Over the past decade Maximillion Cooper has acted as guest Creative Director for multiple brands within the automotive and fashion sectors, including Puma, adidas Originals, the Morgan Motor Company and Fiat Abarth; and in 2014 was voted into the 'Top 50 Most Influential People in the Automotive Industry' by US lifestyle publication, Complex magazine.

The Gumball 3000 Group operates eight companies within entertainment, finance and fashion, and was recently valued at over $300 million by Forbes.


Join in the fun and watch Satoshi start traveling around the world in yet another way!


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🏁 It's not the finish line that matters, but it's more about having the courage to START! Drive safely and give @crystalrose a hug from us!

p.s we donated in btc & fiat.