Bitcoin mining is it Profitable in 2020?

in bitcoin •  18 days ago 

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Bitcoin is the fastest growing crypto currency in the past few years, although many people are investing in it, it is good that no one has the control on crypto currency.

Now the question is that,
Is bitcoin mining still profitable in 2020?
Well the answer is here,
Let's understand by an example
In Before day say in the year 2015, 2016 there were low number miners mining the bitcoin at that time mining difficulty was also less than now so at that time miner gets more beneficial amount of bitcoin

But, in nowadays with increase in price of bitcoin & increase in miners competition is tuff so the thing is that miners are getting less amount of bitcoin in the present day compare to past few year with the same hardware mining machinery.

I'm not saying that the mining is not profitable nowadays but to get the desired profit you have to upgrade the mining machinery that you have now or if you want to start mining you have to start with more powerful equipments & that is much costlier.

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