MomentumToken: Next Generation Loyalty Programs

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Today, there are no boundaries between the two worlds: physical and digital. Moreover, at present, many companies face difficulties when selling their product to customers, especially if we talk about online shopping.

Nowadays, a lot of loyalty programs just don’t work as they are too difficult for customers. What’s more, they don’t get much reward for their loyalty to the brand. Traditionally believed, consumers dislike common marketing techniques as they lack tact and are very obtrusive. No wonder why a multitude of loyalty programs totally collapse.

When we buy something for our convenience, we generally seek for various products making our life simple. And the mobile apps first come in handy to search for various information, like what to buy or where to go. By the way, how about our friends and relatives? Don’t we usually rely on their opinion and their choices? Of course. Significantly.

Well, the question is: how to get helpful goods and follow the opinions of different people at the same time?

The answer is MomentumToken. The project combines traditional technologies with the up-to-date ones: location, data, messaging, personalization, loyalty programs etc., rewarding customers for their shopping.

Momentum & MobileBridge

Now, we can get tokens as rewards for our purchases thanks to Momentum & MobileBridge. It’s a platform providing automate marketing services for individuals and businesses (like support, sharing, brand recommendation).

So, companies will have double motivation here: to make their own tokens and get rewarded with MMTM tokens. In turn, customers would possess them for buying anything within the platform. So, they are able to spend these tokens, save them or exchange for the cryptocurrency. It won’t cost you a pretty penny! Moreover, these tokens provide many other options. Seems like shopping is gonna be much more enjoyable :)

Momentum is merged with MobileBridge. This is a special marketing resource designed for smartphones. It combines customer’s location, his personal data, and the real-time technologies. That’s good for choosing the very best customer and the appropriate chance to launch a program.

Worth adding, MobileBridge is a parent of Momentum. So, the project already has a client base, which means that there will be the first users just after launch, plus quick development with the market expansion.

How does the technology work?

Momentum Token gives businesses the opportunity of designing various loyalty programs via the token functions applied to the clients. These new programs, registered within the Momentum platform, would reward users if they often buy a product from a particular brand.

Momentum team believes this method would be handy to increase the conversion rate. Moreover, the resource would also provide target marketing, with the use of different data, such as location and behavioral patterns. This will enable customers to receive a better benefit from their purchases.

Furthermore, users would completely regulate their private data which might be exchanged for tokens. Or, if users wish, they can just keep their information private. We may clearly see the benefit of this solution, as customers and their data are becoming more flexible. What is more, the tokens encourage clients by selling their data. In addition, Momentum project provides good offers and initiatives to gain a great deal from data sharing.

Shortly speaking, Momentum distributes information about the brand or gives companies some personal information about the customers (upon their consent, of course). Then, the tokens are used as payment for purchases.

Companies may enter the platform and create their own loyalty programs, which can be applied if a customer gets the Momentum tokens.

How does Momentum Token functionality?

Momentum Token is a cryptocurrency used within the platform. The technology is based on the blockchain. This solution is very useful in the modern trade. Using these utility tokens, everyone may reward their clients for the attention, purchases, loyalty, brand sharing, and insights. Meanwhile, a customer would completely regulate his private information.

Generally speaking, the tokens will make businesses reconsider the way of relationship building with their customers and, of course, it will influence a brand’s loyalty initiatives. Now, clients would clearly understand all the conditions of loyalty programs and purchase something from a particular brand with more fun and pleasure (as they would be really rewarded).


Get familiar with the ICO details below:

  • The public ICO will start on March 26, 2018.
  • HardCap: €42 mln.
  • SoftCap: €2.5 mln (reached).
  • Price per token: €0.10 (or $0.12).
  • Token Sale will last 1 month until the reach of the hardcap.
  • Tokens will have the ERC20 type.
  •  The total amount of tokens issued: 1 bln.

The amount of tokens available (Presale + Public ICO): 500 mln.


To sum up, Momentum introduces many advantages allowing both users and companies to benefit from the new loyalty programs. 

To become a part of this, take your part in the project at an early stage and participate in the ICO. Definitely, such a project has great chances of success and a great future!

I believe that the tokens of this project can go for good exchanges, and for us, this is the most important thing. Do not miss your chance!

If you want to know every detail of the project, study the project in more detail:

Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=212645
My Ethereum address: 0x577FA2553Af35908072Af7fc61270fd98022002b 


Cool project, I recently studied their technical document and decided to participate in this start-up. I think that their tokens will come out on a good stock exchange.

awesome I will look into it

The article was really very useful, thank you for the review. You always choose very high-quality projects that will bring us very good profits as investors.

Thanks for such a tip, I like when my followers respond like that.

Hi, excellent content, hopefully you can go through mine and give me your opinion

Where did you find such a quality project? Where you take information, you always have very high-quality projects.

A cool system of loyalty, they came up with, such a system can be very popular among many people and companies!

More than! You know how to choose projects, this company will have a very high success, I fell in love with this project.

I also really liked this project, I identified it in the best projects.

Sounds amazing .....thanks

Here everything is very clearly thought out, apparently professionals really work, I invest in this ICO and I hope that they will do what is stated.

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