Global REIT: Affordable Investments in Real Estate

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Everyone knows how valuable real estate is. It goes without saying, that we dream of having some real estate objects as investments. And no wonder.

If we take PWC report, for instance, the real estate market would continue to extend all around the world. Experts believe, in the next 2 years, the annual growth in this market would be around 7% because the global economy has finally stabilized and the market attracts more investments. Let’s also consider the housing domain here with annual 6.8% growth. This tendency is likely to last until the beginning of 2020.

However, we have a problem here: it’s not as easy as pie to enter the market of real estate property and get profits as the entry limit is usually minimum $10.000. Nevertheless, this market requires constant input and asset circulation. Plus, obtaining a real estate object means a lot of paperwork and legal procedures.

Nowadays, society needs a simple and quick way to input money into real estate and get shares. So, let’s welcome Global REIT.

Global REIT

Global REIT’s goal is providing a portfolio with real estate assets needed for further investments. So, using the blockchain, any investor would receive profits in this investments area.

So just after their launch, Global REIT would start their activity at the HQ, located in Dubai (UAE). Afterward, they would extend globally. To put it short, the project developers seek for cryptocurrency investors wanting also to make an input in real estate and gain profits. Then they could search realty proprietors, willing to transform the assets they possess into liquid ones. Consequently, the two users could be integrated to transact within the special platform provided by the project.

Investors’ powers:

  • to have a portfolio with diversified investments;
  • to receive dividends from the sale or rent of the property;
  • to be involved in various loyalty programs and other initiatives (like business related to the hotel).

Thus, Global REIT would provide various realty assets worldwide: shopping malls, hotels, houses and so on.

How Global REIT functionates?

The project includes several elements, necessary for the system working:

The module providing compliance and security. It functionates non-stop providing protection procedures by interacting with new standards for the operations. This system excludes any chance for fraud. Moreover, it allows third parties to participate after AML and KYC procedures are finished. So, the platform employs protection processes and high-level IT protocols to perform a reliable work.

The module providing asset management. Investors would be capable of checking assets types. Also, they will get all the information required: the exchange rates, a minimum amount of investment, market stats etc.

Transaction module. It deals with verifies all the operations performed on the platform.

What about the crowdsale (ICO)?

Global REIT is going to put forward two kinds of tokens:

The first one is GREM: Global REIT Fund Manager Token;
The second one is GRET: Global REIT Asset Token.

Thus, every investor would benefit when applying to the Fund Management Company (that’s for GREM) or the Asset Owning Company (that’s for GRET). In addition, every token has other useful functions.

Those who would own tokens could also gain access to the tokens providing realty operations, but they should have at least 5.000 tokens (any: GRET or GREM).

The owners having at least 100.000 tokens would be capable of transferring their assets into the system of this project. Therefore, they would have the right to come into the fiat market from the crypto area.


  • 35% of tokens would be sold.
  • Date of public ICO: June 1st, 2018.
  • The tokens would have ERC20 basis.
  • The project would accept USD, BTC, ETH for payments.
  • The Price of 1 GREM - $0.070; 1 GRET - $1
  • The ICO crowdsale would last for 4 weeks, and it will terminate on June 30th, 2018.

As it was said, two types of tokens would be presented:

1. GREM: holders would be entitled to obtain investments. A certain tokens amount is required.
2. GRET: owners would get discounts from various companies.

Tokens volume:

  • GREM: 200 mln
  • GRET: 75 mln

Hardcap: $20 mln
Softcap (reached): $5 mln


Global REIT offers innovative investment initiatives allowing almost everyone to get involved in real estate business.

A qualified team, along with advisors, really build investors’ trust. The developers also have a legal partner dealing with assets and shares distribution.

Finally, the realty investments have become affordable.
Now, it’s not only a privilege of the rich class but an everyday necessity. So it would be possible to gain profits from realty. Don’t miss the chance to take crypto assets provided with the realty!

With detailed information about the project you can get acquainted with these links:
Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=212645
My Ethereum address: 0x577FA2553Af35908072Af7fc61270fd98022002b


An excellent article, everything is written in detail and understandably, I will go to study this project and most likely will participate.

Study the whitepaper.

Very high-quality site and white paper, I think this project has great prospects, they will achieve what they have planned!

Thank you for your opinion!

I think now is the time to participate in the ICO, and especially in such quality projects, Global Reit can expect a great future!

Yes, since the coins we receive when the market grows, you can get a good profit.

I like your post

A bold step for an entire global industry

The most important thing is that it is necessary.

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I studied the technical document and the team as well as the advisers, a very high-quality project, I think that it will succeed!


Definitely worth investing in this project, he has an excellent team, very high-quality performance and fees are going well, I'm participating.

I agree with you, the project is very high quality!

Wow that's beautiful

I think this is the best investment, I always knew that the safest investment is real estate investment.

Yes, real estate is practically the best and safest kind of investment.

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