DAV Network - new opportunities for modern transport!

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Road transport has quickly filled our whole life, the number of cars is rapidly increasing, which leads to many problems. For many years the issue of environmental pollution by vehicles was actively discussed, today electric cars have been created to solve this situation.

But this type of transport is quite expensive, and not everyone is available. Therefore, in large cities, the problems associated with a massive number of machines remain relevant.

Today, you can rarely drive through the city with a population of more than a million people without traffic jams, and in megacities, many spend every day about 4 hours of their time in traffic jams. The insufficient number of parking spaces significantly complicates the use of the car, there is an increasing number of accidents on the roads, and at the same time, the car needs to be filled and timely serviced. This is the main list of problems that arise from the overabundance of the number of vehicles on the roads.

DAV Network - the future for autonomous vehicles.

Thanks to modern technologies, it became possible to create autonomous vehicles (after this AV) for the movement of which the driver is not required. This will help to influence the situation for the better, help reduce the number of cars on the roads.

This technology makes it possible to create a network of road transport for servicing the population, not transferring it to private ownership. Initially, the system will be launched with drivers and without them, but after a while, the technology will be improved and becomes more secure.

DAV Network creates a decentralized transport platform, which is based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts, a unique technology will allow users to find and pay for AV to travel around the city or any other distance.

The platform will provide an opportunity to offer and purchase services of autonomous vehicles. The company plans to unite all the infrastructure that is used in AV's work: autonomous vehicle manufacturers, AV owners, software developers, AV charging companies, parking lots, washing stations, repair services, insurance companies and others.

DAV Network will promote development and stimulate the popularization of this infrastructure throughout the world.

Features and benefits of the platform.

Owners of an autonomous vehicle can earn by providing their car as a taxi. Payment will be accepted by token, using a particular program, to charge the battery and pay for the service the car system will be able to independently.

After a while, it will be difficult to tell this system. But today the technology has already been developed, which will allow launching all functions of DAV Network and will ensure the work of the platform. Specialists assume that already in 2035 in developed countries there will be only 15% of the current transport, the rest will be occupied by cars on an unmanned basis.

The owner of AV will be able to provide his vehicle for rent, receiving DAV tokens for this. Users can quickly reach the desired destination or carry the goods. The car will be selected according to the declared parameters.

Decentralization will make it possible to avoid mediation and reduce the cost of services. The appearance of AV will provide users with the opportunity to quickly receive high-quality and profitable transport services, thanks to which there will not be a need to purchase a personal car. This will significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, unload parking spaces, prevent accidents and have a positive impact on the environment.

Let's consider the essential details of ICO

  • The cost is 10,000 DAV - 1 ETH
  • Start sale - June 11, 2018
  • Completion of sale - June 25, 2018, or when reach Hard Cap
  • The minimum investment is 0.2 ETH
  • The maximum investment is 150 ETH
  • Hard Cap - 54,286 ETH


The DAV Network project has a vast scale. The team took great responsibility in developing and launching the platform. All functions of DAV Network should work as accurately as possible and without causing any problems. Also, successful launch depends not only on the quality of the platform but also on all participants.

Blockchain technology provides the company with a significant advantage over other organizations that provide transportation services.

Given the list of problems that the launch of the platform will be able to solve, I am confident that DAV Network will receive tremendous support and quickly assemble its audience.

A large-scale and important project will take one of the leading places in this industry and will develop, increasing the number of participants.

To get acquainted with DAV Network closer, you can use the links:
Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bounty Thread
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This project is developing well, they are talking about it in all crypto communities, most likely I will invest.


You make the right choice. The project is indeed on hearing.

We would sooner have done what we planned, we will get into the future. Just like in the movie: "Back to the Future"


A good film, much of this film comes into our lives!

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The very interesting project, the sphere is more than significant and promising, I think this sphere should and will develop.


This direction will continue to develop for a long time, to bring everything to the ideal. Unmanned vehicles are our future.

these vehicles are very useful for our country...becouse we have increasing very fastly vehicles on roads...


Now practically in every developed country, they are rapidly increasing, the project is essential.

And how many funds have been raised during the ICO?


Raised 40000ETH of 60,000 hard cap has already been assembled.

I participate in the ICO, it remains only to wish good luck to the development team, I hope we will make good money.


I do not doubt this!

Such a project deserves attention, and the team is very experienced. Of course, the sphere is very difficult to implement, but I hope that everything will turn out.


Yes, Implementation would be very hard
But they have taken the first step
Thats Awesome


Indeed, the team of developers well done took up one of the essential industries in the modern world!

Heard that Google is also developing in this area, whether they can compete with such a large corporation, I do not think so!


Google is undoubtedly a serious corporation, but they are developing a little in another area, they are not competing. And here the project will be created on Blockchain technology. Support will be from the whole world, so you can even compete without problems.

Excellent article and project are very interesting, the most important thing is that everything would turn out, I'll invest a little money, most likely will go to exchanges.


I think the token will come out on a good stock exchange, so you will not regret it.

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The idea is simply super, but to realize this seems to me very difficult!


You will learn whitepaper and much will become clear.

Hardcap small, it seems to me that it will be very quickly collected, the more the project level is very high.


I think so too.

I think that the project has a future, drones are increasingly being talked about, many companies are developing in this area, but in practice I have not yet seen.


Thank you for your opinion, I am sure that in the future we will constantly use this type of transport.

Thanks for the review!


You're welcome!