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Is devoted to the millions of tired, washed up ASIC mining rigs that still can be put to use. "The" Old Ass ASICs And Alt-Miners Association Of America And Also Abroad - O A A A A A O A A A A is here to find good homes for these hero's of blockchain.

The following photo includes three of the five Bitmain Antminer S-1's that I still have in my possession. They still mine near 100% though, which is about 170 - 180 GHS. Strictly SHA-256, these miners are currently relegated to trickle mining Peercoins, (PPC) and Bitcoin Cash, (BTH).

Notice that the bitch ass Corsair 750W PSU only has one miner connected to it - that's because it's insolent and lazy. I'm not sure if all Corsair power supplies are like the one I have ... maybe go with a Thermaltake 750W PSU like the one in the picture, it's been swinging two Antminer S1's like it's supposed to.

enter image description here

This is a picture of my beast mode from the past. I bought this one off a fellow who ran a local charity and was into running Bitcoin miners in the office ... It will mine at a steady 1 THS, but from the looks from the screenshot below, I can't seem to get the pool to pay me accordingly. Currently I'm letting this rig mine all the Digibyte, (DGB), it can. It's starting to add up fast :)

It racks up about 100 DGB per 1.25 days, for the most part. Digibytes via Multipool seems to pay out regular enough to keep your sanity and build your overall roll over at the exchange like Poloniex.

enter image description here

I have two S1's pointing at Peercoins and one on Bitcoin Cash. The biggest is getting me Digibyte and I'm starting to feel better about DGB. They seem to have gotten a much deserved boost since making the coin mineable in five different algorithms, including SHA-256 that I'm using.

The Digibytre project seems to be thriving. Regular updates and progress reports, and I like their development of the Digusign secure PDF document platform that runs on the Digibyte network.

enter image description here

See how bad Multipool is shafting me on the 1 THS miner. The next screenshot shows I'm really mining at the rated speed, with no bad spots on the blades. Most pools have a bit of "scimmage". Here I think most of it is going to that valuable Terracoin savings account I have building :)

I think that their merged mining system over there performs fairly well. I know I have a bunch of random coins like Zetacoin and Anonocoin gathering dust, so it only benefits me to get back in there and do some fall cleaning.

enter image description here

In reality, these miners are going to end up ebay or craigslist sales. I needed to get them back up and running so I could benchmark them for selling. I can literally sell them for twice as much as I did back when bitcoin was languishing in the $200 range :) That was a weird time. Bitcoin was taking that historic dump and it seemed easy enough to mine BTC, it just didn't seem to add up to very much in the end.

Give your old ass asics the respect they deserve. Remember, they were the hottest thing to hit the shelves way back in the past somewhere.

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I'll always love these things. The old days of crypto; the excitement of setting up miners and seeing those red and green LEDs glow. I'm still running gridseed orbs (they manage to make $30-60 on good days so I can justify it).