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I pointed a 1 THS miner at the SHA-256 pools about three weeks ago mostly out of an experimentation effort to see how much value I could squeeze out of a tired ASIC and an established crypto that might start gaining it's footing, at leat I hope it does.

A couple months ago I switched my electric plan over to the "pay the same amount every month" mode. The advice I've always been given is to switch a couple of months after the low power consumption months have ended. The idea is to have a lower average monthly usage when you're evaluated and you'll at least start out in a more profitable position. Trust me, the power company raises it back, as they can.

I like Digibyte, always have since a couple years ago. Multipool had them listed as a SHA-256 coin available to mine and I got a little back then. A little while ago, they expanded the different algorithms you could mine DGB in and I think it spread their adoption among a diverse enough crowd of miners. It shows in their solid volume every day that rivals many of the larger coin offerings, (DOGE DASH PPC on most days).

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A THS gets you a daily payout of 100+ DGB at the Multipool, plus the merge mined coins you get like Namecoin, Terracoin and Myriadcoin. I like to keep my coins sorted into future sale triggers on Poloniex in anticipation of a spike in price that you always seem to miss and have feel good about it by telling yourself a coin you bet on did a good thing, but not for you :) The trigger makes the sale happen as the price goes up. I like to string about three of them sequentially in case the damn thing keeps going up, and also some is left in reserve.

I liken DGB to what was called a "rolling stock" back in day. The damn thing has settled into a steady, blip, blip, blip and thus making an opportunity sell in/sell out. The best is, I'm mining it on a daily basis and replenishing if the price does keep going up or remains steady at the higher price.

This image shows my sale from the spike as well as the next two trades lined up to trigger if this coin keeps going up ... 211, 311, 411 :)

enter image description here

I guess you have to get your jollies any way you can in this business. Oh wait! I just went back and looked. The price dropped back down below my trigger price of .00000211 to .00000208. I guess that sell trigger could be a good thing :)

enter image description here

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