Creating The Bitcoin House - Energy Efficiency and Installing My First Mr. Cool Mini Split

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I recently inherited a bunch of money and have spent the past several months handling the estate and making plans for the future. One decision I made was to sell my house here in Las Vegas and move back to the Midwest. The market is so advantageous to the seller that it's literally turned into a feeding frenzy whenever you list most anything on the market. The Chinese buyers alone will buy site unseen, so I think the opportunity is right to get the hell out of this rat race and go back to a somewhat normal life.

The house I currently live in is a double-wide mobile home, about 1200 square feet, located in a gated 55+ community. We bought the place for practically nothing back in 2010 when the Las Vegas real estate market was in the proverbial toilet, so pulling nice profit from this place is a given right off the bat. My unique selling point this time will be simple: create an energy efficient home that's outfitted with the latest miners from Bitmain and sprinkle enough solar panels on the roof to make the mining be a net situation from the start.

Antminers should make the mining process as novice friendly as possible. I've been running them since I managed to pick up four S-7's off ebay years ago. Those ASICS have earned me 2.8 BTC on slush pool alone, and that doesn't count all the mining at Multipool, Antpool and the like. I love mining and if you know what you're doing, you can make and embarrassingly amount of free cash flow.

The first step in this process is to make the house as energy efficient as I can. In Las Vegas, number one on anyone's list of things to do is to address your heating and cooling, mostly cooling. For a lot of years, I've wanted to switch my climate control over to a ductless mini split system. Since the theme here us a Bitcoin house, I decided to cash out everything at Hashnest and Antpool and buy the mini split with that. The 24,000 BTU DIY Mr Cool Mini Split costs $1700 total, so this was the most I've ever spent BTC on all at once, more miners being the only exception.


Here's the installed outside unit. The 24,000 BTU unit is covering about 2/3 of the entire square footage of the house, from basically center and pointing toward sunrise, or east. That end of the gets heated first and thus the longest. I plan to put an 18,000 BTU along side of it to service the back 1/3. I'm just unsure whether opr not to have it's air flow mimic the other and point east, or have it go cross ways and cover the back only.

2018-04-28 16.19.36.jpg

One of the best pieces of advice I heeded when researching doing my own ductless mini split install, was to "not half-ass the platform" that the outside condenser sits on. The POS unit that I'm replacing here was off kilter and went to hell, so I made sure to build a level, sturdy base to put these on. 2X6 boardwalk was made from the old, recycled wood that came with the place, and blend in well with the matched exterior paint.

![2018-04-24 08.16.53.jpg]

This is the broken down roof unit I replaced with the new equipment. Notice how it slopes to the back/right. Now wonder it sprung a coolant leak. Then bid to fix this thing was $100 more than what it cost to get a brand new mini split. Also, I can get rid of the window unit, build a deck and put a door where the hole is.

2018-04-28 11.38.07.jpg

I still have a bunch more work to do on this project before I can expand into additional mini splits to cool the room I plan to use for the mining rig. My hope is to eventually have a small, but stable ASIC mining rig operating and producing revenue flow for the household. Maybe a potential buyer will be interested in buying a Bitcoin house on Las Vegas Boulevard ... maybe not. Lot's of fun in the process though.

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