No coin outperforms Bitcoin

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Which coin exactly outperforms bitcoin? Stop reading the so called "white papers" if you can't understand them.
Bitcoin should do just one thing - to be the most secure platform for decentralized trust creation. No other coin is even close. There are many that claim to be "better" - but they just add more features that don't work and backfire. Even Ethereum - it is mostly useless. The only dApp (decentralized application) that entered production - the DAO - ended as a disaster. DAO was programmed by the best Ethereum programmers - and yet, they didn't fixed it and relaunched - they just cancelled it. Why? Because they knew they can't do it right. Ethereum can't do things it claims it can. It will take years of research and a new programming language to allow dApps - and even then - they will be very limited in functionality. Listen to Vitalik - he talks about Casper - but they develop under Casper also the new programming language that will allow formal verifications. Vitalik is smart and is working on solutions - but it will take years if not more. Almost all ICOs will not deliver on time and when they will - it will not work as expected. Look at Augur. They are developing for years. They recently realized that the were writing their smart contracts using older Ethereum programming language that is proved to have unfixable bugs. The transactions on Augur take minutes. This will have only very limited usefulness. No way it is worth 250 million dollars as per current evaluation. There's just no way. I sold all my Augur coins long time ago. The rest of coins - are just modern version of They get valuations in billions even when they don't exist yet.
The only thing that works is Bitcoin. Less is more. Bitcoin does just one thing - but it does it in the best and most secure way.


That's right @vega113 and good post as information. Thanks @vega113.

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