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Hey guys,

I've been putting together a little monologue podcasts for a new project I am working on called Altcoins Anonymous. Basically, the idea is that I'm addicted to this idea called shitcoin mining, and I'm exploring the inner workings of my head and how that relates to the Bitcoin universe.

Episode 1 largely deals with a conversation had off-air with my co-host, John Carvalho AKA BitcoinErrorLog, for another project we're working on, called Bit by Bit. In short, I have some crazy ideas about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin that may be interpreted as a little abstract or as if I'm just going for shock value. Thats certainly not the case, but John was a little worried I'm just being contrarian for the sake of it. This first episode was to demonstrate that these ideas are really just organic, however confused they may be.

Episode 2 revisits the conversation I had with my co-host, John. He left a lot of good comments in the feedback section on Soundcloud, so I figured instead of typing all of the information out, I'd just pop out a new episode. I also cover some of my misconceptions about the Bitcoin Gold hardfork and prepare to start mining some hot new coins.

Click below if you want check out that first episode I do with John. It's a lot of fun. We play video games and talk about bitcoin. We will be doing another show tonight, probably talking a lot about BItcoin Gold, hardforks, Segwit 2X reconfirmation, and much more. We might have a special guest as well. Game is probably going to be Fishing Planet, Minecraft, and/or Trove. Expect us to go live around 7PM EST. Check our Twitters for updates.


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