Events Could Trigger A Bitcoin Bull Run in 2018

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The price of bitcoin in 2017 hit its all-time high price 20,000$. The fall of bitcoin price starts when governments of different countries regulate the cryptocurrency. In February 2018, bitcoin meet its lowest price 3000$ and after that bitcoin price goes 10,000$ to 12,000$. In June 2018, Bitcoin price below 6000$. Here are three news events that investors might want to watch out for in the coming quarter as indicators of positive market movements.


  1. The launch of Bitcoin-Based ETFs
  2. Changes to Ethereum’s Blockchain
  3. Regulation-related News

Very interesting point of view! Thanks for sharing.

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Hope we get to see those days soon

Let's Hope It won't Go Below $6k Level.

Very interesting point of view! Thanks for sharing.

Another bitcoin bull run is a very hard possiblity

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