19.03.2019 Cryptocurrencies Tomorrow Events!

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"$DAPS #testnet goes live at 1 pm PDF on 20th of March!"

Dev team hosts weekly status update at 5 PM (MST) on current developments including Tritium mainnet and satellite launch.

"ICONLOOP is proud to take part in the '#AWS Partner Summit Seoul 2019'!"

IoTeX News Digest YouTube Campaign EP 34  from March 17, 3 AM PST — March 20, 3 AM (PST) with a chance to win IOTX for completing tasks.

New major features (eSports betting, odds over time, payback indicator) with improved UI/UX, supported on both mobile and desktop.

"Staking QKC for votes starts on March 20, 2019. Early bird rewards will begin to calculate on the same day."

"As we recently announced, we’re about to introduce a new and improved trading fee structure on Liquid."

First half year development statement.

Talkshow cryptocurrency: "The future of money" with Eunomia CEO & Founder.

"Crypto.com to open-source the Chain Testnet v0.1 on Wednesday, March 20th."

Source: Coinmarketcal.com

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