04.06.2018 Cryptocurrencies Tomorrow Events!

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"Unsold Token Distribution by PoS starts from the 5th of June."

"...On Tuesday, 5 June 2018 at 15.00 WIB you can trade TRX with Rupiah in Indodax."

Marc Degen will be speaking at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference between June 4-7 in Orlando.

"Our monthly meetup gives developers interested in building apps that integrate Hydro a chance to ask questions."

TopBTC lists APR.

"June 5th we will be posting our new roadmap — it will be hosted on a public trello board with the ability to comment on it!"

In another 15 days Atlantis will be released for alpha-tests and Hopefully before next monthly update we would be on Atlantis.

On June 5 a report will be provided on the amount of dividends paid for May 2018 .

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