Ukraine completely prohibits Bitcoins

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Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Supreme Council) is preparing a bill which completely prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, sources in Ukraine National Bank say. This action will allow the government to control digital payments in Ukraine and will secure citizens from fraudulence.    

The raise of cryptocurrency usage in Ukraine significantly impacts on the informal sector of the economy which created various problems related to taxation and transaction control among citizens. Thereby the government will do anything possible to prevent citizens from using cryptocurrencies.   

Let’s remind that on the last week Ukraine banned Russian social networks and Yandex company. Despite of news aggregation, maps and searching facilities Yandex controls a very popular digital payment system YandexMoney. There is an opinion that Ukrainian rebel terrorists on southeast of the country were financed by Russia through digital payment systems like YandexMoney and Bitcoin. That is why Ukraine imposed sanctions on Russian-owned banks and banned Russian digital payment systems.   

In connection with protracted economic crisis and unstable banking system digital payment systems are gaining popularity among the Ukrainian citizenry. The confidence in national currency fell due to devaluation which greatly contributed to the rise of bitcoin community in Ukraine.    

In 2015 Ukrainian special agencies tried to punish the founder of local bitcoin community. In the end of the year national Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a search of dwelling of the founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Michael Chobanian. Michael said that community was actively working with the national bank of Ukraine but this fact didn’t help him to avoid the police raid in his house because of illegal emission in electronic payment systems.   

Despite of international support of cryptocurrencies Ukraine wants to restrict bitcoin usage and impose sanctions on any digital product which citizens like. Unfortunately, the world’s fastest growing bitcoin community will be isolated by the own government from the rest of the world because of the lack of competence and need of national economy regulations.   

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This "news" is complete bullshit.
Bad that here is no option to downvote such nonsense

You don't know how because you are a DUMBASS!
Get a clue you CLOWN!

When your easy access to your medications ends while your phone isn't functioning,
you will become the NEW MODEL ZOMBIE!
And I can not wait!!!
Love your Evolution Theory?
You are about to live it!!!
Good Night Now.

Funny post, from where did you copy-pasted it?

The only terrorists in Ukraine is its us state department installed government.
Separatist Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts simply want no part of that nonsense.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nonsense - is that propaganda message which you repeat))

Prove it!
Got some unnamed sources for me?
Yanukovich was the ELECTED PRESIDENT.
And after the fake Fascist mercenary Iron Maiden garbage,
Poroshenko became the State Department-installed PUPPET CLOWN.
Totally a US State Dept Anti-Russia Putsch in Ukraine.
And by the way, Crimea VOTED themselves OUT of that scheiße.

But you can probably tell us how Vicky Nuland's ASS tastes!
And it matters not whatsoever your opinion.
Many of us already know the TRUTH.
Go to your hole you bleeding troll.
And Get a Real JOB!

  1. Yanukovich was the ELECTED PRESIDENT.
    Yes he was, he ran away, and after that Parliament voted to appoint another person as head of parliament (Tuchynov) who was automatically acting President till next elections.
  2. Using word "Fascist" makes me think you are writing somewhere from psychiatric hospital, clown.
    Fascism was in Italy in 1920-1940s, get a history book or use good, you should have it in your hostpital.
  3. Poroshenko was not installed, he was elected several months after Yanukovich ran away, more than 50% voted for him
  4. Crimea was occupied by Russia, it's not recognized as part of Russia in the world, it's one of the grey zones now and many Crimean citizens are not happy, even that citizens who were pro-russian

" Many of us already know the TRUTH."
that's funny you seems to be a crazy person, but even several arguments I listed - not for you - but may be for others who will read this post.

So your job is being troll? How much are you paid? I knew Russia has many troll-farms and you are probably one of them, so are you paid more than average because you know English?

Sad, but true

Also, there are a whole drug-selling network established in the most big cities which accept bitcoin, that Ukrainian police has no experience to track.

Really? Share your experience then))

What do you know Genius?
Share your knowledge, new model zombie!
One line replies denotes a Vaccine-Induced Mental Paralysis.
Speak out fully, so we all understand your INTELLIGENCE.
You pathetic clown, the world you think you know does not EXIST!
And how does your current student loan balance reflect your wisdom?

Blah-blah-blah, another copy-pasted message))

Nice post! I will follow you from now on. I give you a vote!

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