Interesting Revelations Into Bitcoin's Past

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Pre-release Bitcoin source code reveals the early works by the creators of Bitcoin

Source: pixabay

In a recent article on news.bitcoin, discussions on an earlier version of Bitcoin on a private network surfaced. A very old version of Satoshi’s source code and letter was shared by Francis Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Bull Bitcoin, on Twitter:

Accidentally discovered a mind-blowing artefact of Bitcoin history. I had heard rumors of its existence. I give you: the pre-release source code of Bitcoin!
Source: twitter

The letter from the creator details the “main files” he sent to James A. Donald. But what was most fascinating was a code snippet shared on the bitcointalk forum.

int fGenerateBitcoins;

The codes is an early version of Bitcoin's code, highlighting wallet creation, transaction hashes, blocks as well as the 'timechain' aka blockchain:

// The timechain is a tree shaped structure starting with the
// genesis block at the root, with each block potentially having multiple
// candidates to be the next block. pprev and pnext link a path through the
// main/longest chain. A blockindex may have multiple pprev pointing back
// to it, but pnext will only point forward to the longest branch, or will
// be null if the block is not part of the longest chain.
Source: bitcointalk

Source: pixabay

The timechain, an original term for the blockchain, is described as a hash tree with proof-of-work protocol as requirements for the success of a transaction.

The source code was posted by forum user "Cryddit' , who was on the Metzdowd cryptography list when "Satoshi posted asking for professional crypto geeks to review his project."

In another original email from Metzdowd, titled: "Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper" shows the exchange between James A. Donald and Satoshi:

James A. Donald wrote:
You have an outline and proposal for such a design, which is a big step forward, but the devil is in the little details.

I believe I've worked through all those little details over the
last year and a half while coding it, and there were a lot of them.
The functional details are not covered in the paper, but the
sourcecode is coming soon. I sent you the main files.
(available by request at the moment, full release soon)

Satoshi Nakamoto

Source: pixabay

Bitcoin's smaller unit was never 'Satoshi', but 'coin' and 'cent':

static const unsigned int MAX_SIZE = 0x02000000;
static const int64 COIN = 1000000;
static const int64 CENT = 10000;
static const int64 TRANSACTIONFEE = 1 * CENT;
/// change this to a user options setting, optional fee can be zero
///static const unsigned int MINPROOFOFWORK = 40; /// need to decide the right difficulty to start with static const unsigned int MINPROOFOFWORK = 20; /// ridiculously easy for testing

The small glimpse into Bitcoin's history can hardly describe its impact today on the global financial markets and related industries.



Interesting. Nice final note on coin or cent.

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Hello appreciated @tysler.

Beautiful gift that you have brought us today. Practically a gem for crypto lovers and especially Bitcoin.

More than being a curiosity about the beginnings of the most powerful cryptocurrency of all time, it is a material that goes into the didactic and should be part of our general culture.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

All best, Piotr.

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