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RE: China and Bitcoin mining decisions can change things in the market...

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"Bitcoin price may be sinking right now, but trust me it will go up rapidly, probably before the end of January. So if you wanna buy it, buy it now or never."
You are absolutely right, it is going to increase very high at first for some periods and mow is the right time to acquire some coins prior to when it is going be appreciated. 2018 is a year for digital currencies.


That's really the typical scheme : everything falling down again like just before Christmas, then everything shot up skyrocketing : that's the benefits from looking at the graphs often, we're getting used to it now, we can understand what it's all about, people reinjecting money, doing more trades, and it will all go up again, so those holding must keep holding without panicking, and those about to buy must buy, I feel bad for day-traders, those are having a hard time now haha

Up's and down's