How to buy crypto

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Buying crypto is like exchanging currency. You just go to crypto exchange and convert your local currency to crypto.

You should go and register to Bitpanda , add your bank card and create a saving plan. You may need to verify your identity buy uploading documents, but it's common practice on every financial institution now.


Saving plan is order, where tell for example like me to buy ETH for 50eur every Monday morning. Buying in such way you will get best price deal in the long run.

Disclaimer: if you go all in on the months like in the time of writing 2020 11 19 BTC price is 18K and ETH price is 500 you will get it for current all time high price. If it will dump you will be in loss.

But if you buy some portion each week or day you lower you risk and get better price. On rising market you will end up in profits.


In this way you will buy weekly/montly some crypto from the MONEY you can risk and won't even notice.

We call it dollar cost averaging, the strategy which can not even be beaten by god:


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