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Take the profits: If one of your bags starts pumping like crazy and as a result taking up a large percentage your total portfolio by percentage then it may be time to consider trimming the position. Let’s say your ideal allocation for coin X is 5 to 10% but it is currently 25% of your portfolio. Well….. consider cutting some of that position. Take profits on it and either add to other positions or more your stablecoins to a lending platform while waiting to enter your next position. On a similar note, I rarely allocate more than 1 to 3% of my portfolio into a new position. This reduces risk but can still capture significant upside.

Always have free money: You can’t buy the dip if you don’t have any chips! At any given time 5 to 10% of my total portfolio is in USDC. Half of more will be lending or in a defi protocol earning yield. I’m not saying these percentages are ideal, it is just what I’m doing. But having dry powder at the ready to buy dips or to get into new opportunities is very important.

Take Full Advantage of Investments: Not using your assets is a very common mistake that investors are making. Can you stake your coin? Then do it! You are robbing yourself if you don’t. Likewise, assets like Bitcoin, which have no staking rewards, can still be lent out after wrapping it. There are of course tradeoffs, but also benefits! Ask yourself if the rewards are worth the risk, and if so, then explore your options, because while 6% a year does not sound like much, it actually adds up rather quickly. You can even stake on centralized exchanges like Binance

BTC and top 10 coins are good for holding, but try not to get married to a coin that you were only intending to be in for a short time. Otherwise, you may end up holding an underwater bag for a very long time.


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Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 7.49.39 pm.png

I was able to withdraw my money out of the safe storage in tranches and got it all in my coinbase wallet.
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I was overjoyed when my friend suggested I visit the website . He is aware that I have been trading cryptocurrencies for some time and has strongly advised me to exercise caution with my account. There are many scammers on the Internet today who want to steal your money. I believe you should proceed with caution in this matter!

Thanks for the helpful information. Now I invest in bitcoins and it was useful for me to learn so many interesting information. By the way, what do you think about cryptocurrency mixing services like Or other services similar to this one. Does it really help hide bitcoins on the internet?

why should we hide the bitcoin?

I agree that unused assets are a very common mistake that investors are making, but some people don't even know where to invest. Of course, in a modern world, it's easy to search for different platforms and start trading, but you need to choose wisely because not all websites are trustworthy like the Crypto Superstar site. Anyway, I hope you'll manage to start profiting today, and good luck!

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