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The cryptokrunch team was surprised at Twogap project because of its incredible ideas. I am Mr Luong Hoang Anh, CEO of a promising tech company called Twogap. I was inspired by the two-gap model popularized by Chenery and the stock market crash of 2008. when I came to think about the future of the dying crypto market in mid-2018, I wished to create a new crypto product in order to improve the safety and increase the market cap.

Just recently, on the social networking site, there was a detailed interview about the CEO of the Twogap.

Mr Luong Hoang Anh — A guy with a small appearance but inside him is a strong energy and a bit about the worldview bitcoin in a positive and powerful way.

It may be that he has an ambition and a great purpose as the father of the virtual currency economy.

And even I myself can not believe that a normal person can have the extraordinary ability to think about such extraordinary things.

Just a few minutes of reading the interview about the young CEO, I have enough evidence to believe and say that Twogap indeed has a future.

Because the person who leads the way must be sure and firm believer the new road is strong. The CEO built his way not by faith but by energy and vision. Luong Hoang Anh shared.

Twogap’s vision is not encapsulated in the present, but it is the development of the future that has been determined from the past in order to go up. Everything is well prepared and decent. Because of that, the young CEO of Twogap could push Twogap so fast. Until now, Mr. Luong Hoang Anh has made Twogap have the cooperation with many companies and trading floors as well as famous investors in the industry. I can list some of the names that you will say ‘WOW’ … But the truth is, Twogap has partnered with Bitbay, IDAX, and even North American trading platform.

As for the company model, I am really impressed that this is a model filled with all the elements. From a solid marketing team to an IT team, they are also capable of converging.

I was quite impressed when they worked with the classic slogan at the office “There is no pressure, there will be no diamond” or the slogan of the team spirit of Twogap “there is no an I stand there in the job” means that there will be no definition of the word MY in the work that for them it is word OUR.

Very nice to express teamwork. People say near ink is black near the lamp is bright. There will be no denying it because it is a bright light for Twogap, it glows from the teamwork to the idea they make.

Twogap’s CEO interviews were deeply invested in the question, and the interviewer was very impressed and really got a special look at Twogap when he was able to ask the CEO of Twogap.

I understand that, as a matter of fact, the Twogap is another great hope for the current and future virtual currency economy. If I were I would be willing to write dozens of questions just to question the same talented CEO and the powerful Twogap team.

If you are curious but not read through what the CEO shared in the interview then read soon. Let’s see how this CEO is and how interesting it is.

And do not forget to watch what Twogap is up to and what’s going on around Twogap.

Link: https://cryptokrunch.io/en/My-life-is-the-greatest-failure-TWOGAP-CEO


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