Top coins by maximum supply [11-08-18]

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Airdrop 150,000 USDT and 10,000 AT. Crypto exchange ABCC.

Reference to ABCC:

The list of coins is taken from the top 100 by capitalization according to Coins are sorted in ascending order of maximum emission. The list did not include coins for which maximum emission was not established.

RankNameAvailable supplyMax supply
14Dash$ 8,251,94618,900,000
1Bitcoin$ 17,204,02521,000,000
4Bitcoin Cash$ 17,287,41321,000,000
25Decred$ 8,269,86421,000,000
26Bitcoin Gold$ 17,172,84921,000,000
73ZenCash$ 4,474,46321,000,000
76Bitcoin Private$ 20,513,14121,000,000
99ZClassic$ 4,596,65021,000,000
88ZCoin$ 5,389,84921,400,000
49Populous$ 37,004,02753,252,246
7Litecoin$ 57,805,70984,000,000
52Hshare$ 43,343,79884,000,000
15NEO$ 65,000,000100,000,000
59Metaverse ETP$ 48,557,138100,000,000
63Waltonchain$ 40,144,099100,000,000
70GXChain$ 60,000,000100,000,000
90Nebulas$ 45,500,000100,000,000
51Nano$ 133,248,289133,248,290
42Bitcoin Diamond$ 153,756,875210,000,000
71Cryptonex$ 45,411,282210,000,000
61Ardor$ 998,999,495998,999,495
45RChain$ 361,219,9551,000,000,000
69aelf$ 250,000,0001,000,000,000
81Nxt$ 998,999,9421,000,000,000
12IOTA$ 2,779,530,2832,779,530,283
28BitShares$ 2,649,660,0003,600,570,502
41Verge$ 15,172,086,05116,555,000,000
31DigiByte$ 10,646,585,65521,000,000,000
100Electroneum$ 7,625,506,01421,000,000,000
8Cardano$ 25,927,070,53845,000,000,000
3XRP$ 39,299,874,590100,000,000,000
27Bytecoin$ 183,890,481,254184,470,000,000
64Dentacoin$ 325,226,613,0948,000,000,000,000

I collected the data using the code in the "Python" programming language.


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