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in bitcoin •  last year

Looks like the price is stable at this stage, but whats going to happen over the next 2 days ?

Is the price going to crash due to the lack of BTC transactions? Is there going to be the opportunity for LTC or ETH to capitalize and take the lead?

All will be revealed in 48 hours

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.05.19 AM.png

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I for one cannot wait for this. Bitcoin is just showing how perfectly immutable and it truly is ( the real bitcoin that is ;) ). It will continue on and go from strength to strength after segwit. I do think we need an increase to the block size at some stage, however the rushed style of bitmains proposal was not the answer. I was contemplating buying some eth and decred on saturday as EVERYTHING was falling except bitcoin. It will be interesting in the coming days, get the popcorn ready.